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April 1st to October 31st, 2023 
'City of Dresden' Shipwreck

Local Spending Challenge

Win BIG when you
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Bootleg Legends of the
"City of Dresden"
Whiskey ship

     Shipwrecks have been a defining part of Long Points History and there are many legends and lore that surround the Shipwrecks of Lake Erie. It has been 101 years since one of the biggest parties in Long Point took place on November 18th, 1922.

The Bootlegging Ship named ‘The City of Dresden’ ran into an unexpected storm near the Bluffs just off of the Tip of Long Point and after navigating the changing winds the wooden boat crashed on the rocks near Houghton casting a reported 500 kegs and 1000 bottles of Illegal Old Crow Whiskey into Lake Erie. This whiskey quickly washed up on the shores of Long Point Beach where the locals began a 2 day party and a Hunt for the Bootleg Booty!

 There are many tales about this event including people of Port Rowan cutting the phone lines so the police in Simcoe could not be contacted in a time of alcohol prohibition, the lighthouse keeper burying kegs along the beach and even a farmer hiding whiskey bottles from police in his barns eavestroughs. Follow along this year as we celebrate the shipwreck legend of the 'City of Dresden' and the Night the Whiskey Ship Ran Aground'!

The Chamber of Commerce will be hosting 2 events this year and 2 Draws to Win Big Prizes.

The ‘Bootleg Blitz’ and the ‘Hunt for the 'Bootleg Booty’

Enter to WIN each time you support a local business by submitting receipt. All of the information on the events and how to enter the draws are below.


Please keep an eye on our social media pages and the Port Rowan Good News for updates on these events!

November 18th, 2023 

Hunt for the Bootleg Booty

Just like the Night the ​'The City of Dresden'  Whiskey Ship Sank- There's going to be a Treasure Hunt in Long Point Country!

9 Lucky People will be drawn to participate in the 'Hunt for the Bootleg Booty'. These winners will search and find Hidden Treasure on the trails at Bird Studies Canada and all take home big prizes! 

Join us on November 18th to Celebrate 101 years of Bootleg Legends and Cheer on the winners as they search for their very own Bootleg Booty!

Entry Details are Below!
The Hunt is ON!

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Location: Bird Studies Canada
115 Front Rd, Port Rowan

Submit your Receipts Here

A member of the Chamber Team will email you with your ticket entry number and any additional information.

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Hunt for the Bootleg Booty
This contest includes every Chamber Business as well as ALL businesses in Port Rowan, St Williams, Long Point, and Houghton!
Services, Restaurants, Accommodations, Camping, Shops, Activities and Charters may be redeemed for entry.

Enter Reciepts from April 1st to October 31st, 2023
You can enter the Local Spending Challenge as ma
ny times as you would like. Each receipt can only be submitted ONCE

Spending Redemption Catagories

For any questions please email Chelsey at

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